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You can contact the Yahoo Customer Service Number by calling at  phone numbers below:

Toll-Free Number:

(866) 781-9246

Sales And Service Inquiries:

(866) 781-9246

Sales Inquiries:

(800) 305-7664


Call 800-305-7664 to order

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Corporate Office Address:

Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089
United States


(408) 349-7821

Reasons of Yahoo Customer Service Calls

Can't log into unemployment without my Password on my connected Yahoo account? I don't re ...


My Yahoo account hasn't been opened in * years, currently I need to open it, however I skipped the pass ...


Not ready to reset the secret phrase


I was hoping to change my password. I followed your titles and still can't log in. Wa ...


My Yahoo email account has been hacked. I have to change my email account. I announced that ...


not suitable to react or delete messages


Is it safe to say that you are blocking myspace messages? Trying to recover and delete the old account and they ...


You may want to retrieve my email from Yahoo, I don't have a similar phone and I can't get ...


I never have the phones used to retrieve my email, I have to put new ones that I can't ...


mon compte mail is blocked *. * du fait that the name of the message sent to send me ...


At the time I receive a registration in an email, it will not be downloaded and will be printable. Used to...


I skipped my password ... I even skipped security questions ...


My email account has changed or moved. Need new fix data for mom ...


yahoo password miss ho gaya he please support me


*****@***.com* I forgot my secret Yahoo email ID phrase

Queries Customer asks about the Yahoo account :


Screwed off account


I need another secret phrase Tyler.ray70


Administration and product inquiries:


Email does not work.


My email can't


My partner is trying to enter his email to verify that our flight is ok. Your phone does not work in Mexico.


Information request Question:


How would the secret word change?


I closed my Yahoo account and have no idea about my security questions


The most effective method of deleting messages.

Repeal and activation inquiries:




I think my email was disabled


I need to reactivate my account


Site / app question:


Site reset


Versatile application


I can't access email from the app


Queries for fees and charges:


Charges on account


Charged by the administration


Cash shop


Staff inquiries:


Your administration is allowing others to log into my company email!


Area administrations


Supplant 7 return queries:


Change account name


You need to change the age on account


Card inquiries:


Upgrade card?


Transportation and distribution inquiries:


Active mail is not transmitted


Extra queries:


Someone is trying to enter my email


I have an email that I do not approach


I can't wait long

Notes from our publishing supervisor about Yahoo's customer service by phone

Yahoo! It is an online help of that company that offers email, photo storage, news destinations, a search engine, and Internet catalog, and advertisements to administrations. Yahoo! The sites and gateways are the most visited on the planet, so it's not surprising that you get a ton of customer service requests.

It should be noted, however, that Yahoo! Telephone customer support must be purchased and can be for nothing. It is conceivable to chase Account Pro for Yahoo! on the web or by phone.

In case you can't bear the cost of Yahoo! phone-based choice, you have two other options. You can use Yahoo! Online support workspace, which is largely a self-management option, or you can try connecting through Yahoo! Twitter account.

Why are people calling Yahoo! Customer Support?

People call Yahoo! customer service for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Specialized help

  • Detail of piracy or wholesale fraud

  • Detailing membership issues

  • Charging problems

  • Inquiries about administrations in use

  • Best practices for calling Yahoo! Customer Support


You must search Account Pro before you can use administration. When you join, you have all day, every day, phone customer service from Yahoo! The moment you call, it's a smart idea to have documentation of your anxiety before you. This may incorporate correspondence from Yahoo!, hacking proof, error messages or charges, and financial records.

From Yahoo! Administrations are accessible on the web, you must have your convenient device or computer so that you and the customer support delegate can research different ones and, if vital, guide you through your administrations to help you use them in a viable way.

Before you call, make sure you have a convenient pen and paper. You may need to take notes during the call, especially if you are being instructed on the best way to use a help or need to write down an affirmation number.

What is the opinion of people about their calls to Yahoo! Customer service?

From Yahoo! telephone-based customer service is paid assistance, the nature of the care it provides is regularly considered very good. Yahoo! The strategy is to urge your agents to stay with guests for as long as it is important in determining a problem or issue.

What kind of problems can Yahoo! Customer support Solve?

Yahoo! Administrations are accessible only on the web, which implies that it is generally simple for Yahoo! Customer support operators to determine problems without waiting for customers to make additional advances, for example, returning items for repair or replacement.

If you have questions about how to use its administration or increase its profit, Yahoo! Customer support can help. Operators can also investigate issues with online administrations, help with secret phrase issues, and distinguish potential hacking and collection issues.

In circumstances where you have been the victim of piracy or fraud, Yahoo! Customer support agents may have the option of providing you, your budget establishment, or even legal authorization, with the information they have to investigate your case.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my call to Yahoo?

Should your call to Yahoo! to Account Pro doesn't work well, or you don't feel like your circumstance has been resolved, please note there are things you can do to address the issue.

To get started, take a few seconds to audit any notes you have accepted during the call. In the event that you have not taken notes, record what you remember from your discussion with the operator Account Pro. This information can be useful in case you need to speak to another operator or considerably higher staff at Yahoo!

The subsequent activity is to return to. You are paying for customer service and Yahoo! gives your agents access all day, every day. Not all customer service agents are equivalent, and some have additional time on the job or are increasingly familiar with specialized problems or company arrangements than others. The next person you speak to may be in a superior position to understand your problem and set goals.

In the event that you are still unable to resolve your issue, you may need to try partnering with Yahoo! corporate by postal mail. While this is a moderate and not a perfect alternative, an affirmed letter legitimately sent to Yahoo! the central station can do

The best toll-free number for 800 Yahoo customers

You came here to see Yahoo's phone number, the current ongoing search for waiting, and an approach to avoid directly through the phone lines to get directly to a Yahoo specialist. There is encouraging and terrible news in this regard: the terrible news is that they do not have a phone number, however, the good thing is that we realize how to contact Yahoo in any case and help them with their problem. Over the past years, customers like you came looking for a phone number for Yahoo and helped us claim they don't have one. Common reasons people try to call Yahoo's customer support division include Update Account Information, Technical Support, Account Access, Delete Account, Recover Account, and other customer support issues. Instead of trying to call Yahoo, we recommend that you tell us what your problem is and then contact them via the Internet, Facebook or Twitter. Surprisingly, Yahoo doesn't have a phone number right now. In all cases, it is unclear what is the most ideal approach to chat with Yahoo agents, so we started to collect this data from the recommendations of the customer community. If you don't mind, please continue to share your encounters so we can continue to improve this free asset.

Get to Yahoo: by phone or something else  

While Yahoo doesn't have a toll-free number, there are 3 approaches to connect with them. The next most ideal approach to chatting with your customer service group, as indicated by other Yahoo customers, is to educate regarding your previous issue and allow us to discover someone to support you. In addition to calling, the next most beloved option for customers seeking help is through Online Help for customer service. If you believe this information is incorrect or know different approaches to contact Yahoo, please inform us so that we can communicate it to different customers. Also, you can click here if you need to compare all the contact data we have accumulated for Yahoo.

Are you related to Yahoo?

No, not at all, we are information and broadcasting website; we collect data from various resources and publish it on the website for consumer experiences.

In the event that you have created a Yahoo account at any time, complete these steps quickly to secure your information

In the event that you've ever searched for a Yahoo account, there are reasons to be concerned. The company claimed today, after Recode revealed the story the night before, that 500 million customer accounts were broken in a big trick.

That is greater than the number of inhabitants in the United States and Mexico combined.

Yahoo says the attack likely included email addresses, passwords, names, and phone numbers, not payment card information or financial balance data.

In any case, our email accounts are pressed with individual data. We send people we think are subtleties of our account for a wide range of email administrations, and whether it's as generous as a Netflix passphrase or as sprayily conceivable as an erotic login or credit card number, We hope that our email accounts are secret. secured and private phrase.

If you have a Yahoo account, this is what you should do.

Change each of your passwords

Not just your Yahoo account. Summarize all the online accounts where you store sensitive data. Update each of your passwords to make them long and strong. Be sure to give each different account a unique secret word. There are no repetitions.

The most ideal approach to monitoring all your new passwords is with a secret phrase manager, which stores all the niceties of your account in an encrypted vault on your cell phone and your workspace. You can find some amazing free or incredibly modest on the web. Do some digging and discover an alternative that works best for you.

Browse old messages, delete sensitive substances and separate accounts

In the event that your Yahoo account data is available for purchase, someone can hack into your email and discover data that they would rather protect. Search your messages for sensitive correspondence, generously erase and void the junk envelope

At that point, visit the Administrations account settings that you have associated with your Yahoo account and remove it immediately.

Switch to Gmail or use encryption

Gmail is accepted by security scientists as a safe help that many people can trust. In case you need a hermetically sealed layer of insurance, you can usually organize a PGP key so that only the proposed recipient can decode your messages.

Provide two-factor confirmation for all accounts and upgrade applications.

In the event that you need to log into your accounts, you should have the option to verify if you are the one trying to log in and not someone else. That involves using something beyond an effectively shareable secret phrase to validate your login effort. 

Most administrations offer the alternative of including a code for a phone number in your account document so that only one person can access it with their secret word and their cell phone. Make sure that all your applications and administrations are fully updated to take advantage of any continuous security improvements.

Try not to open dark messages

Programmers regularly try to entice people to open messages or connections that may contain malware. Try not to open the email in case of doubt. Also, if you open an email and at that point, you conclude that you may be a developer, don't open the connections. Delete it.

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