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John Crestani – The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro™: User Reviews, Pricing &  Authenticity


We shall discuss the following so that you are in a position to take a decision on John Crestani – Super Affiliate System Pro™


  • Real user reviews

  • Who is John Crestani?

  • Internet Jetset

  • Super Affiliate System Pro

  • How does it work?

  • What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Is the price Worth it?

  • What it does well and what it does not?

  • Conclusion

So, First thing first:

Real user reviews:


Let’s see a couple of reviews from his students we found:




Tony Omary, Eliteaffiliatehacks.com

“The fastest way to learn is by rubbing shoulders with those who are already successful. Well, John is a successful affiliate marketer. His system is designed to help you make your first commission within the shortest time. Don’t be surprised when you see testimonials from people saying they made commission in two hours. Crestani teaches REAL stuff.”




Tyler Ellison- tylerellison.com 

And it's thanks to him that my life completely changed. 


It was John's training that taught me how to:

- Get the best results from the advertising networks, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads

- Create landing pages that "presell" products so people would buy them when I made recommendations

- Structure my business for a time and money freedom

- Generate sales numbers larger than I ever dreamed...

Also look for some testimonials below:


Who is John Crestani?


John Crestani is an online marketer teaching and showing his strategy to the world to build an online business from scratch to 5 million Dollars a year. He broadcasts with his Lamborghini, his holidays and the different things he has achieved, so he overcomes the enthusiasm and motivates us who have great goals and dreams. John Crestani started in 2011 as an online marketer trying to do a variety of things to make money online


His fellow mates tell that John Crestani can now do what he wants, live where he wants and, Live life on his own terms


What he says is a fantasy for most entrepreneurs, particularly when we know that over 80% of businesses fail! Consequently,  hearing a story like John Crestani makes many people sceptical and need you to take an emotional look at this open door and choose if it is a good choice. So, read on you shall be in a 100% position to decide if the course is a good fit for you



As a successful entrepreneur, John Crestani has been featured on various media, such as:



How This Affiliate Marketer Learned Enough About His Craft to Strike Out on His Own


Forbes, Inc.-

How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World


Business Insider-

How a 28-year-old got fired and then built a $500K-a-month business while travelling the world

Yahoo Finance-

During the Interview, Mr. Crestani Discussed How Long it Became for his Company to Become Profitable and How He Met his First Customer


Dealt a Massive Blow? 11 Tips From People Who Have Been There

Home Business-


How to Earn Money from Internet Marketing and Live Your Dream Life

(in addition to the above John Crestani featured multiple large news networks like Fox and CBS)

Is John Crestani Affiliate training program a Scam?


No, the data and research do not support that at all, as Scammer cannot be featured in most of the powerful media houses and the best part is you are not buying a physical product that’s not going to function or does not get the result after buying it, you need to understand it’s an educational course. His program is a course that offers to learn and you have to implement it to get success and not get rich quick scheme.

Maybe some things that might get you sceptical towards John Crestani


He promotes throwing cash and making hyperbolic comments like "Quit your job," "Drop out of school," and uses terms like "Easy" and "fast."


It's very simple- he is a super marketer and he wants to grab your attention and let you know about what he has to offer for you and its quite natural to promote that way, everyone has his own style of advertising.


However, within the registration zone or the membership area, he does not maintain such atmosphere and looks very professional teacher. Rather, he makes statements like "It took me 4 years to get my first bonus!" and warns students to expect results with adequate effort and not that are excessively fast. It is not a get rich fast scheme.


What is Internet Jetset?


Is a step by step affiliate marketing course that makes you learn and build a profitable internet business through affiliate marketing. However it is now rebranded as Super Affiliate System

What is the Super Affiliate System?


  • Super Affiliate System Pro: The primary program of John Crestani is Super Affiliate System Pro

  • The Super Affiliate System is the training and preparation program carried out by John Crestani referring to his winning strategies that tell you:

  • How the Marketing funnels work for him

  • How he markets to attract customers online

  • How he composes ads.

  • How he does video advertising

  • How he does Copywriting

  • Basics on how he went from $ 0 to $ Million each month

  • Plus, he gives you proven templates & formats to start with, so you can get results like him



What do you get inside the Super Affiliate System?


Week 1 - Configuration


• How to make your first Dollar

• How to get approval  for your first affiliate network so you can start earning commissions

• How to organize your ads, presales pages and affiliate interfaces, (no related knowledge required)

• How to organize Facebook ads that convert on broad audiences

• How to use affiliate systems and their agents to work for you, free of cost


Week 2 - Choose your niche


• How to set the right perspective to enable you to succeed regardless of whether you've ever been effective in any other business before

• How to understand and figure out the niche and affiliates offer that will work best for you.

• How to choose an advertising system to practice

• How to gain an advantage as an online advertiser


Week 3 - Advanced Marketing Skills


• What is copywriting and how you can compose highly profitable features for your ads

• 5 keys to a profitable presale page

• Step by step instructions to take advantage of people's deepest feelings to enter to buy

• My 17-year advanced writing technique that works

• Advanced rationalization strategies that will enable you to face affiliate battles from just matching the initial investment to being hugely productive.


Week 4 - Advertising on Facebook and Google


• How to make Facebook promotion efforts that generate clicks and ROI

• How to stay consistent with complex and changing Facebook policies so that a promotion account is never closed

• How to view all the various measures in the promotion so that you can safely explore your approach to benefit

• How to use Google's promotion system to reliably create snapshots and offers on your presale pages


Week 5 - YouTube Ads and Native Advertising


• How to organize YouTube promotions so that you can get penny clicks, fast approach to profitably scale up

• What is local advertising and how you can use local promotion systems, eg Taboola, Outbrain and MGID to drive your affiliate display business.

• How to use a clicktracker to make much more advanced improvements to your promotional efforts.

• Secrets to lucrative video ads on Facebook

• How to successfully structure your promotional efforts


Week 6 - Scaling and automation


• How to use funnels to increase your Facebook exchange rates

• contextual analysis of the campaign

• How to scale Affiliate Campaigns from $ 1000 / day profit to $ 20,000 + daily profit

• How to recruit and supervise media buyers, and form a partnership around your affiliate advertising efforts

Pros of the Super Affiliate Course:


  • Easy to follow part by part, training on affiliate marketing

  • You are learning & reaping benefits from an already successful affiliate

  • Simple user interface (control panel)

  • The registration fee is reasonable and affordable.

  • Beginner Friendly

  • There are live updated webinars

  • Find out how to use the tools  that John Crestani himself uses

  • There is a discussion forum from where you can get support from different people

  • John himself appears in most of the training

  • The Extra materials are great

  • You can also get support from a private Facebook group


Cons of the Super Affiliate Course::


  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a learning course.

  • It shall take some time to be a master in affiliate marketing 

  • Tools are paid tools, subject to use

  • Overloaded with information so implementation with the pace will help

Check out John Crestani's Free Webinar


Who shall take the Super Affiliate System training by John Crestani?


John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is great for:


  • Have content but struggling with traffic

  • Beginners who have failed in affiliate Marketing

  • People who can take what they have done, change it and make it their own.

  • People who definitely take notice of the website's architecture, optimizing site changes, and writing their own content following the expert.

  • People who want to master the affiliate marketing industry and understand various divisions of thought inside

  • People who have both Free and some advertising spending plan not in huge but a small ad budget will get to your goal faster e.g. Facebook ads and google ads etc.

  • People who are just on to starting a new business online or have an online business and you need to learn new strategies from an insider to grow.

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System Tools and Training


John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is a coaching program. It contains approximately 50 hours of core themes in addition to continuous live training.

Does John Crestani have Support for Super Affiliate System?


The good thing is John Crestani also offers supports directly over the phone, an assistance workspace, email query, and in the membership forum. Also, see  the below for support:


The Jetset Forum

The Jetset Facebook Group


Does the John Crestani Super Affiliate System do well?


This below points shall answer the questions


  • John Crestani teaches a strategy or method that can work.

  • He makes compelling promotions & ads

  • He shares credible stories of how he started with nothing and has now built up a multi-million dollar business.

  • John Crestani to responds to reviewers concerns and try to improve the scenario.

  • He trains some action plans to manage a computerized office.

  • John Crestani shows his own 4 proven traffic strategies: Google SEO, video promotion, paid Google ads, paid Facebook ads and paid YouTube promotions.

  • His training in choosing keywords is excellent.

  • John Crestani extraordinary system for making video ads on YouTube and as he has lot of experience testing it

  • He is one of the few teachers who can hardly say that they have earned more than $ 20,000 each day, giving him an incredible advantage.

  • It burns more than 6 figures every month in ads, so test its techniques in huge volumes.

  • He offers his precise funnels and advertising duplicates so that the alternates are fruitful subsidiaries of his

  • John Crestani shows strategies to obtain positions in partner advertising and not only to maintain the business.   

  • There is a network component as well

  • The user experience on the inside is good and very simple to navigate

  • You access customer service by phone, email and on the enrollment network

  • Specialized over-the-shoulder preparation on Google Ads, Facebook promotions, and the setup of his duplicate system



Initially, people might think it is another scheme but he does add value in the areas as listed above


Does the super affiliate system worth the price?


Like any business opportunity, it depends on the individual or subjective depending on the preferences of each person.


Truly, you should save extra money, time, and persistence and work your butt. As well as being intellectually willing to experience some passionate ups and downs. However, the people who succeed are the ones who go some extra mile and don't give up when the difficulties are out of control.


Therefore, for people looking for simple push a button scheme and anticipate that the Super Affiliate System should start printing cash, this is not all for them. This is not an easy money-making system. Step by Step, you should work!


So, for the type of person who needs to put resources into themselves and pay close attention to this training, chances are it will work for you. In the event that you are aware of how to use a PC and are able to follow/ask questions, you will be presented with the summary.


Point-by-point John Crestani prepares, along with access to his own chronicle of long stretches of banner ads, designs, features, and proven formats, that will give you the resources to succeed. Everything is given to you, so you should simply ingest the preparation and start practicing. When you start getting results, at that point climb the moon.

Check out the Discounted price Here for  Super Affiliate System of John Crestani

Conclusion :

  • Easy & practical learning course

  • Beginners friendly

  • Nothing harm in taking the Free webinar will definitely add more info to your queries and decide

  • It’s learning with practical experience

  • His Strategies shall definitely work if you take action simultaneously with the course. As he always says do it…do it !! start your action today.

Finally, Should you enrol for the Super Affiliate training program?

Learning never makes you lose anything, the more you learn the better you can succeed in life. You are learning from someone who has tested the water in the field.

Hope we have covered there areas you are looking before buying John Crestani affiliate training program

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